As your baby ages, they will naturally transition to eating more finger foods as a part of their daily diet.  And of course, you should encourage that introduction when they're ready!  

We’ve designed our Square Meal System™ to leave room for finger foods while still offering 100% Daily Nutrition

How, you ask?

The USDA recommendations are given in ranges. We deliver at least the minimum of this range, so if your baby is still hungry and is reaching for table foods, great! As you know, it's always best to listen to your baby's feeding cues. 

And, of course, it's important that your baby learns to eat finger and table foods.  As your baby ages, they will transition to more table foods and less purees. Rest assured that you can feed our purees as a healthy, balanced snack or alongside finger foods as your baby grows. 

Check out our finger-food recipes:

Salmon Mash Bagel (Katie's Favorite!)

Beet Berry Muffin 

Cheesy Salmon Quesadilla (Kendall's Favorite!)