Yes!  One of our favorite questions! We currently have Square Meals with eggs as well as chicken, turkey and beef bone broth. Stay tuned! Our Square Meals made with shrimp and salmon are coming soon!

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends introducing meat as an easily-absorbed source of iron & zinc by 4-6 months, especially for breastfed babies. 

Salmon is a rich source of healthy fats -- loaded with omega-3's, which are known for their cognitive/brain and eye development. And, shrimp is lower in mercury than other fish and contains iron, protein, zinc, B3, vitamin D, selenium, and leptin.  It's also a great way to introduce shellfish to your baby.


Our premium protein options are just one delicious and healthy reason that we are different from every other baby food company.  ;)

A few fan favorites (with proteins like meat, eggs, or fish):

- Apple Curry Chicken

- Harvest Feast

- Mango Coconut Chicken

- Salmon Mash (coming soon!)