Yes!  And here are more reasons we love our new, eco-friendly packaging....

We take sustainability and food safety very seriously – because we care deeply about the Earth, the health of your family (and ours!) and future generations to come. In addition to sourcing only USDA Certified Organic Ingredients and partnering with sustainable farms known for healthy soil (ie tested for heavy metals), we are also intentional about the packaging that our food arrives in.

All of our packaging is recyclable, reusable, and/or compostable:

  • Lids

    • Recyclable (#5) & reusable

    • Free from BPA, BPS, and PFAS / PFOA

    • FDA-compliant for direct food contact

  • Containers

    • Our 4oz containers are made of RPET (recycled PET) --- made from 100% Post-Consumer Materials!
      • This is a new, award-winning innovation!

    • They are shatter-resistant, which we felt was safest for a frozen food shipped with dry ice.

    • Recyclable (#1) & reusable

      • Give them a quick hand wash and reuse for other snacks or baby meals.

    • Free from BPA, BPS, DEHP, DEHA, Phthalates, Adipate Additives including Alkyl Phenols/Ethoxylates, Butyl Benzyl Phthalates

    • Not used in the raw materials, nor intentionally added during the manufacturing process of any products.

    • No ozone depleting substances are used in the manufacture of the raw materials, nor are they intentionally added during the manufacturing process of any of our products, including those listed in the 1990 Clean Air Act amendments.

    • FDA-compliant for direct food contact

  • Shipping Boxes

    • Recyclable & reusable

  • Insulation

    • Compostable

For questions, please contact us. We're happy to help and answer any questions you have!