Babies 4-6 months: time to introduce single-ingredient or simple purees.  Baby will start with a few bites and gradually be able to eat 1 container per day. This is a fun time to try new foods, but it can also be frustrating when baby spits it out or refuses foods.  Be patient and know that this is normal.  Keep trying – it’s worth the effort! 

Babies 6-8 months:  introduce Square Meals.  2 meals per day will deliver 100% daily nutrition.* 

Babies 8-12 months: continue with Square Meals.  3 meals per day delivers 100% daily nutrition.*

Babies & Toddlers 12+ months: use the purees more as additional foods or snacks while your little one starts to eat more and more table food.

*100% of their fruit, veggie, whole grain, and protein servings based on USDA recommendations.