Babies 4-6 months: Time to introduce single-ingredient or simple purees. Baby will start with a few bites and gradually be able to eat 1 Meal per day. This is a fun time to try new foods, but it can also be frustrating when baby spits it out or refuses foods. Be patient and know that this is normal.  Keep trying – it’s worth the effort! 

Explore our simple "Starter 4+ mos" meals here

Babies 6-8 months:  Introduce our 6 months and up Square Meals.  2 meals per day will deliver 100% Daily Nutrition.* 

Babies 8-12 months: Continue with our 6+ months and add in 8+ months Square Meals.  3 meals per day delivers 100% Daily Nutrition.*

Babies & Toddlers 12+ months: Use the purees more as additional foods or snacks (or lunch time hacks!) while your little one starts to eat more and more table food. Our purees are versatile and can be added as a dip, spread, sauce, or baked with. Check out more balanced snacks and recipes


*100% of their fruit, veggie, whole grain, and protein servings based on USDA’s “Birth to 24 Months” recommendations.  These recommendations provide a general guideline, but always consult your pediatrician and listen to your baby’s cues on whether they’re full or need additional nutrition.

Our favorite recipes using our Square Meals:

Beet Berry Muffin

Salmon Mash Bagel (Katie's Favorite!)

Cheesy Quesadilla (Kendall's Favorite!)