We designed these filters to help you find the meals that meet your baby's dietary needs and preferences.  Because we love transparency, here is how we’ve defined them:


"Healthy Fat":  Contains 1+ gram of fat from whole milk yogurt, avocado, avocado oil, salmon, coconut milk, or eggs (USDA recommends ~30g of total fat needed/day, but most will come from milk/formula).


"Extra Greens": Contains green veggies like spinach, broccoli, green beans, peas, etc.


"Probiotics": Contains whole milk yogurt with live probiotics.


"Extra Iron": Contains at least 10% Daily Value (DV) of Iron & Vitamin C per serving.  RD Tip: Vitamin C improves iron absorption in the body, it’s important to have both!


"Extra Fiber": Contains 2+ grams of fiber.


"Herbs & Spices": Contains herbs, spices for palate development.


"Omega-3’s": Contains Omega-3’s from salmon, chia seeds, olive oils/oils, nuts and seeds. Omega-3’s are crucial for baby’s cognitive/brain and eye development. 


"Gluten Free": Made with Gluten Free ingredients.