Short answer -- it's organic corn! And we're amending our recipes to avoid this in the future.

Our Coconut Shrimp Fried Rice, Almond Butter & Banana, and Veggie Scramble meals contain organic, steamed corn. Unfortunately, when the organic corn is blended, it separates from it’s outer shell and it ABSOLUTELY looks like plastic. 

Because of this, we have recently switched to an organic corn puree. The meal is safe, but we understand if the texture is not your favorite. 

While we are certain the substance isn’t plastic — as none of our ingredients arrive or are stored in clear plastic like this — we did have it sent out for a 3rd party lab for analysis.  It’s indeed corn.

Similarly, meals with bell pepper, tomato, or other organic whole foods with skins may have a similar appearance -- small bits of skin can separate from the flesh of the fruit/vegetable and look "clear" and plastic-like.

Food safety is of utmost importance to us, as it is to you and your family. We follow strict FDA and CCOF organic processes and procedures to assure safety and compliance of every batch.

If you have any questions at all -- please do not hesitate to reach out.