The short answer: We are in the midst of a packaging transition. And until we have our new packaging/meals in hand, we can’t do all new photography ;). 

The details:

We have an image of our current containers in our homepage popup that everyone sees when they come to the site. And we have started to be able to show them in some ads and posts as current customers have provided images of their little ones with our current containers.  

We couldn’t use our previous containers (what you mostly see on our website & marketing materials) at our new production facility as they don’t have a seal and couldn’t run on the filling line. We also had an issue with the previous lids cracking. 

In order to relaunch and get meals to families, we had to choose the best option at the time that was recyclable and the safest for our meals & shipping with dry ice. It’s a bummer that they’re less cute!

Please know we are doing our very best to get the best quality and nutrient-dense food to our Square Baby families. First and foremost. 

And we're so excited for our new packaging to be ready Fall 2023!!